• Location : at the Bordeaux Museum - sciences and nature and the Public Garden / Botanical Garden of the Bastide
  • Date until April 28, 2024
  • Age: for all, as a family
  • Schedules From 10:30 am to 6 pm (April to September) and from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (October to March)
  • Opening : Tuesday to Sunday
  • Closing days : Mondays and holidays (except July 14 and August 15)
  • Adult rate full 8€ / reduced 4,50€ / students -26 years 2€.
  • Youth rate from 6 to 18 years old : 3,50€
  • Free of charge: for children under 6 and 1st Sunday of each month (except July and August)

Jāṅgala, in the heart of the Indian jungle at the museum with Rudyard Kipling

With the "Jāṅgala" exhibitionchildren set off to discover the Indian jungle and all the ecosystems that surround it! A trail has been set up in the rooms of the Muséum, and from April 28, 2023, it will be extended outdoors, in the Museum. the historical botanical garden of Public garden and the botanical garden of the Bastideopposite, on the other bank of the Garonne.

Did you know? A long time ago, in India, "jungle" meant a dry, arid and wild environment! And it's Rudyard Kipling with his "Jungle Book". in 1894, which introduced into everyone's imagination a completely different vision and conception of the jungle: that of an abundant and luxuriant nature.

In fact, and this is what the children will discover in this highly successful exhibition, the "Jangala"is made up of a wide variety of environments! From arid deserts to the world's highest peaks, young visitors stroll through the heart of the world. of the four major ecosystems which constitute the Indian jungle. Developed by the teams of the Bordeaux Museum, an immersive scenography offers children the chance toexplore environments through touch, sight, hearing and smell :

  • the arid plains
  • forest edges
  • tropical rainforests
  • the foothills of the Himalayas

The youngest can meet the animals Mowgli encountered in The Jungle Book, and who taught him the laws of the jungle: the mongoose Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, lhe big black panther Bagheera, Baloo the bear and other animated heroes.

Several levels of reading are used for interest and awareness among children to the reality of the jungle, the nature and the endangered species Species cards, photographs and backgrounds, soundtracks and entomological displays to observe insects and their astonishing camouflage.

The face-to-face encounter with animal specimens from the museum's collections is fascinating for children: the golden jackal and the mongoose from arid environments, an Asian elephant skull from the edge of the rainforest. There's also a tiger, a Java rhinoceros and the black panther of the rainforest! At the foot of the Himalayas, they'll meet the red panda and the magnificent snow leopard !

Inclusive content of this exhibition for all audiences is particularly accessible and adapted to people with disabilities.

The botanical trails at Public Garden and the botanical garden of La Bastide

From the Wednesday, April 28, 2023 and until Sunday, September 17, 2023the exhibition will continue in the historic botanical garden of the Public Garden and the botanical garden of the Bastide. The ethno-botanical journey to discover is an exploration of the link between plants and humans. The food, aesthetic and religious uses and more particularly the tea will participate in ftravel to India from Bordeaux for the whole family.

The Bordeaux Museum - Sciences and nature

it is the natural history museum of Bordeaux. It is located in the 18th century Hotel de Lisleferme, in the public garden of Bordeaux.

It offers a permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, multimedia shows and workshops all year round, guided tours...

The Botanical Garden - Bastide district - right bank

It's Bordeaux's botanical garden! First and foremost, it's a magnificent urban biodiversity observatory and educational center. There's an exhibition area, greenhouses, a store and guided tours that vary according to the season.

Also included in the Citypass BordeauxIt is located on the right bank of Bordeaux, and is accessible by means of the Bat³ - TBM river shuttle from the Stalingrad pontoon !

What to do in the Museum district with your family and in the Bastide?

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