Duration : 1h30

(free for children under 5 years old)

The points of interest of this cruise on the Garonne

  • Discover the city of Bordeaux and its history told by a guide
  • You will pass in front of the Cité du Vin and under the emblematic Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge, symbols of a metropolis turned towards the world which reinvents itself constantly
  • Enjoy the panoramic views from the boat on the deck outside or inside the boat if the weather is uncertain
  • You will sail along the Port de la Lune, in the heart of Bordeaux, and soak up the historic center of the city, classified by UNESCO.
  • You will discover the facade of the quays, dating from the 18th century, and observe the Place de la Bourse, a symbol of the architecture of this period.

What is included in the ticket

  • Commentary by a guide in French or English

Practical information on the commented cruise on the Garonne

  • Duration : 90mn
  • Where on the Garonne River
  • Place of departure/arrival At the entrance of the pontoon of honor in front of 186 quai Richelieu, behind the Maison Eco-Citoyenne on the river side.
  • Free for children under 5 years old
  • Course it is a loop with departure and arrival at the same place
  • Boarding : it is advised to arrive at least 20mn before the departure of the boat
  • Weather : outdoor deck if the weather is good and indoor seats if the weather is bad
  • Language in French and English

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Practical information

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