• We like: daily parent/child life treated with care
  • Age:  from 8 years old
  • Date from 04/05/2024 to 22/06/2024
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Location:  at the Victory Theatre

The play "Teenagers vs. parents: instructions for use".

  • A teenager on a daily basis... it's only happiness!
  • Beware: the teenage years are coming... They are ranting, tweeting, snapping and working at two per hour... In short, our teens are driving us crazy! 
  • Badly treated parents... Misunderstood teenagers... This is the daily life of this blended family! 
  • A benevolent comedy about the foibles of teenagers and their parents. 
  • A real little survival guide for the education of your teenagers to share without moderation in family...

What to do in Bordeaux with a teenager?

Practical information

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