For families (from 8-9 years old), adults, seniors...

The unusual visit "A very mysterious Bordeaux

  • Number of participants 20 people max.
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Age From 8-9 years old
  • Free for children under 4 years old
  • Meeting place :  Square of the Saint-Seurin Basilica
  • Exclusive offer : 10% discount with code FAMILIN10

  • Did you know that Charlemagne and Bordeaux were linked! But do you know how?
  • Did you know that a bestiary once terrified the inhabitants of the medieval city of Bordeaux?
  • Your guide will tell you about tales & legends that have been frightening the Bordelais for decades
  • We will tell you ghost stories, of witches, of fantastic animalsYou will discover that these stories are not only found in children's books and movies. You will discover that these stories are not only found in children's books and movies, but also in the movies... on the walls of Bordeaux
  • From the big squares to the small streets, you will never see this city in the same way again

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Star Star Star Star Star - Princes, Emperors, Dragons, Executioners and Christian legends on the menu of this original tour
Written by Zoé Lemaire, 05-03-2024

Great tour! An original look at the city, served up by a guide steeped in ancient and foreign cultures. What a talent for unearthing these forgotten stories and taking us on a tour of the theater where they happened.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb visit
Written by Alice, 10-05-2023

A superb route off the beaten track. Thanks to Jourdan for all the anecdotes. We enjoyed a pleasant evening with a small group.

Star Star Star Star Star - Mysterious Bordeaux
Written by SCHARBANO, 07-03-2023

Superb tour with commentary by Jordan, a pleasant guide and very good storyteller! Very interesting in terms of historical culture, presented in a very entertaining way. A must-see!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting visit
Written by Maylis, 10-01-2023

Our visit was very interesting, the guide was competent and knew her subject very well. Although I'm from Bordeaux, I didn't know all the stories about my city! Thank you so much!

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