From 22/12/2023 to 28/01/2024
  • Age:  all public
  • Date from 22/12/2023 to 28/01/2024
  • Duration 2h (20mn intermission)
  • Location:  Esplanade des Quinconces
  • Live orchestra
  • Free for children under 3 years old

Cirque Arlette Gruss is in Bordeaux with its Eternel show. It's a chance for the whole family to see great circus acts again and again. 

  • It's a moment out of time, a charm that can't be explained, a mirage born of spotlights, an excentric dream, a painting in a thousand colors!
  • Invite yourself under our canvas!
  • Abandon your everyday clothes and take a bath in the stardust.
  • Here shines a love that defies all laws, like an heirloom star.
  • Let the music carry you beyond your bodies, and join us in conjuring up the most unusual feats, making this moment of sharing unique.
  • From this track, an infinite round, springs a breath reinvented each time, a tear, a laugh, a perpetual carnival.
  • It's in red and white that Arlette GRUSS's name shines, and year after year we make it "Eternal".
Eternel, le nouveau spectacle du Cirque Gruss

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